Research shows: 
"4lbs can raise risk of heart attack by 17%"
This isn't the first time 
you start to loose weight are you?
You tried this before, don't you?

And it didn't work? Did it?

You actually gained weight didn't you?

You feel you failed...again

When you look in the mirror...and you don't like what you see

Come on, don't you like feeling comfortable again in your own body?

And know you take good care of your body...

And all you see on TV and the magazines are those healthy people...

Did you ever seen this beautiful girl walking on the street with a six pack...

And you are overweight...and wondering how they do this...

I used to look at those people and feel jealous...

Did you ever feel like that?

Did you ever wish you had a six pack?

So why didn't it happen?

If you want to loose weight, you have to burn fat

Millions of people are overweight…

Changes are that you are one of them or become one of them...

Let me ask you a quick question:

Do you want to feel more energetic?

Do you want to look more attractive?

With just a few simple things, 
you can improve your health dramatically.

From: Jorgen Welsink

Hello. My name is Jørgen Welsink

A few years ago I was exactly like you.

Now I am a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Personal Trainer, Orthomoleculair Therapist and Nutritionist.

I help people to become healthy, feel fit and relaxed (again)
Going down, going down

31st of December 2009
I was looking at the mirror after a shower and was not pleased with the view. 

My BMI spiked to 38, I was out of a Job, felt miserable and decided:

“Next year I will lose the weight, look amazing, feel energetic and get my life back!”

My overweight caused that I did not have the energy to exercise...

And the lack of exercise caused that I became more over weight.

I spiraled down wards and became more and more unhappy with myself...

When I was 17 years old I was fanatically engaged in weight training, basketball, judo and bodybuilding. I used to be a bodybuilder and in shape most of the time. 

I felt fit and healthy and had a lot of energy.

But that changed gradually through my hectic job as a financial controller and accountant. 

I had little time to keep my body in shape. Because of traveling I ate less and less healthy.

Only after I spent three months in a cast because of a torn Achilles tendon followed by a burnout, I found the strength to change my life...

It felt like I hit a wall. 

I had to change...

I had to loose the extra weight...

However in 2007 my father died of cancer. 

To avoid the feeling of missing him, I started to eat, stayed in the job I hated and was feeling more and more miserable by the day. 

In 2009 I collapsed, I could not work anymore and was diagnosed with extreme burn out symptoms. 

My whole body was cramped, some days I could just lie in bed and do nothing all day and still have a feeling of extreme fatigue.

That year I changed my life in my mind. Something had to change or I would die young. 

As a bodybuilder I started reading about nutrition and supplements at a young age already.

However nutrition was mainly focused on muscle growth. Health had not been a major consideration. 

When my father was diagnosed with cancer that started to change, at least my interest considering what was healthy. 

And who to listen to… In the field of nutrition there are so many “experts” how can you decide who is right. 

So I started reading, studying all kind of fields in the area of nutrition & supplements. What could I do to cure my dad? That was my main focus. 

My father was a Conventional Medical Doctor. He observed what I did, however with all my good intentions he died. 

What did change was my interest in life. How could I help people to change their lives with Nutrition, Supplements, Sports & definitely Mindset as well.

I read every book I could get my hands in, started a course Orthomolecular Therapist & Integrative Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. 

However it was not until that 31st December 2009 that I made the decision, tomorrow is going to be the first day I will change my life forever! 

I started to implement the things I read. My weight was 287 lbs / 130 kg & my BMI 38 (extremely overweight) definitely in the danger zone. 

I started a workout regimen again. And tried a lot of the diets I read about. Some worked, most did not. 

I took pills, shakes, the works...but most didn't work...

Sound familiar? 

However by changing the diet and measuring results, I was able to pin down how you can lose weight in a healthy & effective way. 

I noticed that there are several key points that help to get the job done. Habits are one of them. 

I changed my breakfast habit, I started to drink other beverages then before. Made sure my body was able to de-stress.

I decided on 1st January 2009 that I was going to run a marathon that year! 

I decided to run the marathon in Athens. I was accompanied by a professional sports coach and went to look for information on nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

I wanted back:

A good health
More Energy
Minimal stress

By the time I ran my marathon I lost 84 lbs 1st January 2010. I weighed 172 lbs / 78 kg. 

In 1 year I lost 115 lbs, my BMI was 22 and I felt AMAZING, Energetic and ALIVE again. 

By that time I decided this would be my mission, educate people how to change their lives by changing their lifestyle. 

Become healthy fast and easy 

I took many courses and seminars on sports, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and personal development (NLP). 

I have studied the effects of - different kinds - food for body and mind. 

I traveled  around the world to meet experts and bombard them with questions. 

I have tried many methods myself. I was my own guinea pig.

Until I finally found what worked...

It should not feel as a diet, but as A Way of Life, which you can maintain forever. 

You can move right into the Fat Burning Zone and be in the shape of your life. 

Without having the feeling you are dieting. Scientifically proven and perfected over the years.

Reprogram your body: burn fat instead of sugars
It is your food that makes you fat
After I start to loose weight I realized It was not my fault. 

The weight loss companies are here for one thing...

Make keep customers and sell them one diet after the other...

And of course the food industry that packs our food with more and sugar

You probably blamed yourself for being overweight...

But think of Unilever. 

They make tons of money on Slim Fast. A diet program...

And they make tons of money on ice cream (Magnum, Ben and Jerry's) and other food that make you fat.

They found a very profitable profit cycle...

And you have to pay with your health.

Within a year, I weighed 79kg, my BMI was 22 (= very healthy & fit), and I felt better than ever.

I do not want to brag, but I looked really great! And I have finished the marathon in 3 hours 35 minutes!

But it didn't just work for me.

Since then I coach people to get the beste out of themselves by eating well, moving effectively and relax regularly.

I develop programs that are highly effective, easy to implement and require little time. 

Anyone can achieve a success at it.

The only two conditions:


The people that I help

David Wolfe

World Authority on Chocolate, Raw and Living Food Nutrition, Superfoods, SuperHerbs, Earthing Technology, Spring Water, and Having THE BEST DAY EVER!

I travel a lot and don't have much time. 
I love effective trainings and love to work with Jorgen. 
See my video after training with Jorgen. 

Silvia Heistek

Sylvia Heistek - business coach. 

Sylvia Heistek works with entrepreneurs who want to go ahead.

Because downtime is decline.
I wanted to get into motion.

As an entrepreneur, I sit (too) much time behind the computer.
Jorgen showed me how to do effective exercises in a short time.
Even if it is for a short duration, you get muscle pain!
Now I feel fitter and exercise more and more. 

Jorgen has a lot of knowledge and knows what suits you.
He is very involved.

Do you want to effectively move and fitter in a short time?
I highly recommend Jorgen!
Not only loose a bunch of weight
Not only will you loose weight when you start to burn fat...

The people I help have more energy

They can spend more time with their loved ones

They experience that their business or there job benefit because they feel better

Their relationships benefit because they look better

"Turn your body into 
a fat burning machine"
That is the reason why a developed a training system to help you to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

It cost me much more effort than I taught, but now finally the program is ready. 

I spend a ton on research

I worked day and night to to prepare this day. 

It was a pain in the but, but I did it!

But the cool thing is, now that i have this thing...

I can help people so much easier

It is so easy now for people to loose weight

And it is so much faster. 

This burning fat method helps you to loose weight fast and get more energy.

You look better, you can wear those really nice cloths again. The ones you love to wear, but could not for years.

This training day also helps you work out in minutes in stead of hours so you have time for things you love.

Efficient and with much better results.

Combined with the knowledge how your body can burn fat instead of sugar, which gives 225% more energy, so you can get more done in a day.

You loose this dangerous extra weight so stay healthier longer so you can spend time with your children and grand children and live a happier live

The results speak for them selves
A test group of 55 entrepreneurs showed that this methode perfectly fit into their busy schedule. The results are far better than the hours spent in the gym.

Some of the results:

16 pounds  of weight lost in eight weeks.
Reducing fat percentage between 2% and 8%
Significantly improved endurance,
Less stress, your body can handle it better.
Fitter and more energetic
Increased muscle mass between 2% and 10%

The Fat Free Faster System
I want to give you the change to try this for your self. 

You will be amazed!
You will get
Loose weight fast
  • I am gonna give you a proven way how you can burn fat fast, with more energy.
  • I also show you how you can work out in minutes instead of hours with better results.
  • I also share the secrets from the worlds blue zones. Blue zones are areas in the world where people live longer, healthier and happier, often over 100 years.
  • I also show you short cuts the get 3 times the results twice as fast 
  • You will receive the The Fat Free Faster manual which is sold for 37 dollar 
  • I also give you the The Fat Free Faster recipes which is sold for 37 dollar 
  • And you will receive the The Fat FreeFaster work outs for a value of 37 dollar 
  • And the Drop the fat now guide for 37 dollar.
  • And So Much More...
  • The total value  is 148 dollar
But I am not gonna charge you this
FatFreeFaster System
No Worries. The Product Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. Don't worry. I know there are a lot of fake programs out there. I want to make sure you will take the leap of faith with me. This means I will give you a guarantee.  

If you're not happy with your order get in touch with us and we'll give you your money back.
Because of this ridiculous low price and my guarantee, this offer will not be here for ever. 
How to make your body 
a fat burning machine

Imagine for a second what your life would look like for you and your kids and your partner if with a healthy life style, only with some small adjustments.

So loose weight without spending hours in the gym, using crash diets, you know you can't follow.

And get better results.

You feel more healthy, more happy, you have more energy.

You wake up in the morning, not feeling tired, but exiting about the day? 

Image that for a second.

Wouldn't that be awesome?

I will take you there.

After you image this, click the button to order.
What do you get?
For those who already joined, let me tell you what you are about to experience.

The first things you are going to learn is how to get back to you original state, when you where born, and burn fat instead of sugar... 

I also show you the diference between good and bad food...

What kind of drinks destroy your health and what kind of drinks improve your health...

The science behind all this and how you can use scientific break throughs to live longer, healthier and happier.

How to deal with stress...

The importance of good breathing...

And much more...

So this is the deal.

If you still haven't decided yet, remember, this is not about me making money out of you.

I don't care if you join or not. I don't mind it at all.

Whether you join or not, I will take care of my own body and live a full live.

It doesn't matter...

It is not about me.


But next month, if you don't buy this, you are still gonna be overweight.  

I have a six pack

I feel healthy.

I feel great.

It does not matter to me.

It is about you.

And I have to worn you, this offer is not gonna be here forever because I am helping people right now.

But I have a lot of stuff I got to do.

So it is here now.

It is on the table and it will be gone soon.

If you sign up today you will get access to a proven way how you can burn fat fast, with more energy.

I also show you how you can work out in minutes instead of hours with better results.

I also share the secrets from the worlds blue zones. Blue zones are areas in the world where people live longer, healthier and happier, often over 100 years.

I also show you short cuts the get 3 times the results twice as fast 

You will receive the The Fat Free Faster manual, which is sold for 37 dollar 

I also give you the The Fat Free Faster recipes which is sold for 37 dollar 

And you will receive the The Fat FreeFaster work outs for a value of 37 dollar 

And the Drop the fat now guide for 37 dollar.

And So Much More...

Click on the button and get started and I see you on the other side. 

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